"I stumbled upon Simply Clean Cleaning Service, Inc. going through the internet. Boy, am I glad I did. They do blinds, pictures, baseboards and anything you ask. One day I came home to find my pantry floor washed and reorganized! I was shocked and very happy! My kitten likes to play in there and messes up the area."

"They are friendly and leave me notes on things they have done. My daughter and I are relieved to have them. The biggest thing of all is you can trust them in your home while you are away at work."

"I highly recommend this cleaning service and I hope to have them for years to come!"

Margaret K.

"I hired Simply Clean Cleaning Service, Inc. to clean my house. I take great pride in keeping my house tidy.With a new addition to our family I thought I could use an extra hand to help clean my house. WOW!! I didn't even know my house was dirty! They made it sparkle and shine like I have never seen before. My husband kept asking me...who did you hire? He is a nut too and was super impressed with their service. I will DEFINITELY be using Simply Clean again."

Krista P.

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